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Make a Memorable Mascot That Will Mobilize Your Message!

Brand characters, also known as mascots, have been an enduring and highly effective marketing strategy in American advertising since the Industrial Revolution. In fact, companies across the globe make great use of brand characters. But what exactly are brand characters, and why do they work so effectively?


These iconic characters serve as spokespersons, representing companies, brands, or specific products with unforgettable faces that captivate customers and audiences alike. They possess an inherent appeal and charm that makes people genuinely connect with them. Often portrayed as cartoons, these characters possess a timeless quality that resonates across generations, bridging the gap between parents and children.

While corporate logos play a crucial role in trademark and identity strategies, they can sometimes get lost in the sea of similar logos. In contrast, brand mascots leave a lasting impact on customers because humans are naturally drawn to fun, friendly faces. If you need proof of their effectiveness, just conduct a simple experiment. Show a random group of people the self-portrait of Vincent Van Gogh, the General Electric logo, and Tony the Tiger. Ask them to identify each image, and you'll likely find that the mascot, in this case, Tony the Tiger, garners the most recognition.

Mascots possess the unique power to mobilize your message and make it more memorable!

If you're considering hiring me to create a custom character for your brand, you're likely already aware of the tremendous value that characters bring to brands. However, you may be seeking guidance on how to define and design an effective character that can be copyrighted and trademarked. Let's delve into both aspects of this process.

To provide clarity, I'd like to share the process I followed in creating my own mascot, Clio.


Choosing the right mascot begins with understanding the message you want to convey. Your mascot should align seamlessly with your product or brand. Let me illustrate this with my own mascot, Clio. My mission is to craft characters that illuminate ideas and inspire interaction. So, I sought a character that could embody this concept. In ancient Greek and Roman mythology, the muses were the source of inspiration for the arts and represented the embodiment of new ideas. The name "muse" has influenced many modern words like "amusement," "bemuse," "museum," and "music." Among the muses, Clio's role was to tell the history or story of great heroes. Her name was linked to words like "celebrate," "recount," and "make famous."* This resonated perfectly with my goal—to create a character that celebrates what you offer, recounts your impact, and makes famous the story you want to share with the world. By connecting my brand's essence with Clio's attributes, I was able to define the ideal brand character.



Now, let's shift our focus to the design phase. It begins with thorough research. I gathered various depictions of Clio, both ancient and modern, and carefully examined their elements. Here's where the exciting creative process took shape.

In many ancient representations, Clio is often portrayed in traditional attire, donning a long robe, a laurel wreath adorning her head, and her hair fashioned in a classic updo reflective of her era. These depictions resonate with the historical context of ancient Greece and Rome, providing a sense of authenticity. However, my clients and their audiences are likely more familiar with modern representations of ancient Greek and Roman women, which often feature toga-like garments.

Considering the importance of relatability and recognition, I made a conscious choice to give Clio a more modern appearance. While still drawing inspiration from her traditional attributes like the story scroll and lyre harp, I updated her attire to align with contemporary aesthetics. By doing so, I aimed to ensure that my character would easily connect with and resonate with my clients' target audiences. After all, the character should be a reflection of your brand and the people it serves, prioritizing their ability to identify with and embrace your character.

Clio Writing.png
Clio Sit Wink.png
Clio Main Pose.png
Clio scroll.png
Clio Tying Shoes.png
Clio Harp.png

Character Development:

Lastly, I believe in fully developing my character to ensure she's adaptable to a wide array of advertising and marketing possibilities. The key to this flexibility lies in drawing her in multiple poses that can retell my story as a mascot-making cartoonist, ready to help your company shine above the competition! But I didn't stop there; I took it a step further by creating a range of expressions and a complete character turnaround.

This comprehensive approach allows me to envision how she'll appear in countless depictions, each tailored to communicate the specific message you need her to convey. Whether it's a joyful, inviting expression to welcome customers or a determined, confident stance to emphasize your brand's strength, my character's versatility ensures she can be the perfect messenger for your unique story.

So, are you ready to embark on a creative journey and explore how we can use your very own muse as a message-mobilizing mascot? I invite you to start a conversation with me. Feel free to reach out directly with any questions or inquiries using the provided contact form. For new clients, I typically handle projects through Upwork, so if you're eager to collaborate, you can also contact me there.

I can't wait to connect with you and discover the incredible story your brand has to tell. Don't hesitate—contact me soon, and let's embark on this exciting creative endeavor together!

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